My Favorite Pink Lipsticks

I'm sure all of you were very aware that today is National Pink Day... no? Just me? Well now that you know welcome to this post celebrating National Pink Day with pink lipstick! Pink is one of the most popular colors in the cosmetic industry found in eyeshadow, blush, highlighters, and lipstick. I personally have... Continue Reading →


My Summer Bucket List

Happy summer everyone! For us here in the US, today is the summer solstice aka the first day of SUMMER! Obviously I am very excited and can't wait to be out of school and finally getting free time to do things I enjoy doing and getting time to try out new things. Every summer, I... Continue Reading →

My Experience at a Junior College

Coming out of high school the big question everyone was asking was "where are you going to college?" For me, this question gave me anxiety because frankly I didn't know. I didn't have a plan and I honestly did not feel ready for college. I wasn't ready to move out and live on my own.... Continue Reading →

May Favorites 2018

Another month down means we're getting closer to summer! I hope you all had a wonderful May and are just as excited as I am for summer (or winter depending where you are)! Was it just me or did May fly by very quick? Even though it passed me by super fast, I still had... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Makeup Highlighters

If I could only pick 3 makeup products to have, one of them would definitely be highlighter. There's something about highlighter that makes me feel put together and pretty... if I forget highlighter, I feel like I have a bad makeup day. Even though a lot of highlighters look similar (I disagree, but some might... Continue Reading →

My Experience with HUM Nutrition

We all want to see the best version of ourselves. We also all have things about ourselves and our health that we would like and could use a little help with. A lot of these things we want to change, however, is something that makeup or skin care can't fix on their own. I have... Continue Reading →

April Favorites 2018

To think the year is already almost half way over blows my mind! This year is going by crazy fast and has been incredibly busy for me. After a small (and unplanned) break, Cats and Coffee is back! I should start off this post with a small apology for dropping off for a little bit,... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Don't panic! Mother's Day isn't in a week or even in a month, I'm just trying to be ahead of the game. For those of you who don't know, Mother's Day is on May 13th so mark your calendars! I feel like Mother's Day is an important day to celebrate the women in your lives,... Continue Reading →

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